Workout of the week: Resistance Bands

If you have a resistance band with handles at home and don’t quite know what to do with it… try some of these moves out! [youtube] Target areas: • Legs • Glutes • Core The workout: -Lunge with bicep raise -Squat with standing oblique crunch -Lat pulldown -Leg lifts and kickbacks -Leg lifts overContinue reading “Workout of the week: Resistance Bands”

Intermediate Step Ladder Workout

Spice up your workout routine with this medium-intensity step ladder workout. Push through to the end, I believe in you! [youtube] Superset 1 (x3) Complete back to back 30 total: Toe taps 12 each leg: Front foot elevated static lunges Superset 2 (x3) Complete back to back 12 reps: Decline pushups 12 each side:Continue reading “Intermediate Step Ladder Workout”

At Home Beginner Workout

All you need is a broom for this quarantine-safe workout! Try it outside and get some fresh air. Warm-up:  10-25 leg swings on each leg [youtube] Complete 3 rounds of the following exercises! 1) 10-15 reps of Good Morning 2) 10 on each leg: Reverse lunch with reach (option: add a knee lift) 3)Continue reading “At Home Beginner Workout”

Advanced Body Weight Workout

This is a great at-home workout! It doesn’t require any equipment, just bodyweight. Complete 3 rounds of the following six exercises. 10 Burpees 15 reps of Sumo Squat Jumps 10 reps of 4 Mountain Climbers & 1 Pushup 10 High Kicks on each leg 20 Jabs on each arm 20 Bicycle crunches You got this!Continue reading “Advanced Body Weight Workout”

Dumbbell exercise at home

Try this at home dumbbell workout that targets the upper and lower body at the same time. [youtube] You will want a set of light and medium dumbbells for this workout. As you advance, you may need heavy dumbbells for chest press. Try three sets of each without rushing the moves. Take your timeContinue reading “Dumbbell exercise at home”

Stability Ball Workout

The stability ball is such a fantastic piece of equipment to add to your home gym. It’s a piece of equipment that is found in nearly all big gyms and even many smaller or hotel gyms. It’s lightweight and comes in many sizes. [youtube] The stability ball (or also known as Swiss ball) wasContinue reading “Stability Ball Workout”