Jill’s Nut Butter Protein Balls

Are you looking for a great, whole food snack for you and the family that you don’t have to feel guilty about? These nut butter protein balls are filled with energy and I can guarantee you’ll have an empty plate by the end of the day. Dig into your pantry because your ingredients don’t haveContinue reading “Jill’s Nut Butter Protein Balls”

Jill’s Jambalaya

This recipe is quick, full of flavor and could work for a low carb day (over mashed cauliflower) or on a regular macro day over rice or with cornbread. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ytagBQMon8?wmode=opaque] I buy frozen, wild-caught Argentinian Red Shrimp that can be found pretty much anywhere! (Kroger, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s…) I lower the fat contentContinue reading “Jill’s Jambalaya”

Valentine’s Chocolate

It’s no secret I’m a chocolate lover! Give me a chocolate treat over chips and crackers any day! Here are some treats that are decadent without completely blowing your healthy eating habits.  More of a box-mix type of baker? How about these Keto brownie and box cake mixes from Good Life Nutrition in Marion? (orContinue reading “Valentine’s Chocolate”