Hi! I’m Jill Lewis. I have been in the fitness industry for years. I’m a Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach, Bootcamp instructor and a Les Mills GRIT, Body Flow, CXWorx and RPM instructor. 

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What started out as a HOBBY has truly become my PASSION!

What started out as a hobby has truly become my passion! 
I love to help my clients look and feel their absolute best through nutrition and exercise. By using cutting edge strategies such as intermittent fasting and carb cycling I have coached over 200 clients through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program.
I encourage eating whole food nutrition and the right amounts of proteins, carbs and fats to keep hormones functioning optimally while losing fat.

I know my clients are busy and need quickeffective workouts to gain lean,
calorie-burning muscle. Whether you are in my group fitness classes, are one of my FASTer Way clients or just following along on social media, I’m so happy to have you here and I can’t wait to help you become the best version of yourself!


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