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4 Steps to Start Your Fitness Journey


Purchase the FASTer Way to Fat Loss for only $199 and immediately receive access to the program app and training materials.


Download the FASTer Way to Fat Loss app and join an accountability group with a certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach for accountability, training, and support. You will receive these links once you have completed your registration.


Commit to the program nutrition recommendations with a focus on whole-food nutrition, balanced macros, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and effective workouts.


Transition into the VIP Membership, which will automatically be billed at a discounted rate of $79/month, at the end of your initial 6-week experience. Work 1-on-1 with your FASTer Way trainer, utilize the Digital Studio classes, and access our supportive online community. Pause or cancel at any time!

Why the FASTer Way?

I was just like you.  As I got older I could no longer out-exercise my diet.  I thought macrotracking was for body builders.  All I knew is that I didn’t eat fast food, I worked out a ton but still had a gut.  Ugh! 

Seriously, I did ALL THE WORKOUTS.  I taught classes, I lifted weights, I ran… but never felt like I could get “lean”.  After seeing amazing before and after photos, I thought why not! I joined the program as a client and after two weeks, I was like… EVERY WOMAN I KNOW MUST TRY THIS!  Not only was I feeling leaner… I was experiencing side effects like:

Better quality sleep • More energy • Clearer skin • More hair growth

I could not wait to become a coach and bring this program into as many homes as possible.  I have been coaching the FASTer Way or over two years and I still feel as passionate about it.  

The FASTer Way uses an arsenal of tools such as intermittent fasting, carb cycling and macro tracking to accelerate fat loss.  Don’t  feel overwhelmed! I will teach all of it to you!  I always meet my clients where they are at… want to hit the accelerator and start day 1… I gotchu!

Or are you more of a “take it all in” and start small kinda girl?… I’m cool with that too!

I’m so excited to get you started! If you are feeling not yourself, run down, and your clothes are getting uncomfortable… let’s fix that!

The FASTer Way is THE premier digital fitness and nutrition company in the market! I get REAL women (and men) REAL results without severe calorie restriction and spending hours on a treadmill. 

– Jill Lewis