Tequila! ...in moderation.

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo!
Recently I took a field trip to my favorite liquor store, Speakeasy Liquors in Marion , IL to talk to Patrick Austin about all things tequila.
Now I know what you must be thinking… Jill, you are a fitness and nutrition coach.  Why are you promoting tequila? 😉
Here’s the deal, I’m all about sustainable fat loss for my clients.  I’m here to help the regular gal (or guy) who likes to have a cocktail but also wants to be healthy!  Can you actually have both?  The answer is yes… in moderation. 
Tequila happens to be one of my favorite liquors to use in a cocktail.  I like the taste, it’s lower in calories than most liquors and can be mixed with low-calorie mixers for a real treat.  
Check out this video of my tour of Speakeasy Liquor Store and then head to this link to download my “Tacos & Tequila” recipes!  I’ll be sharing 5 of my favorite tequila cocktails and my absolute favorite dish to serve to family and friends!  
Not only will this be the perfect recipe guide for Cinco de Mayo… but you will find yourself going back to these recipes all summer long!