I began my FASTer Way journey as a client in the fall of 2018. I had heard about the program on social media and was seeing incredible transformation photos. But when a friend showed her before and afters I thought ok this is real!
So I joined!



After two weeks I was sleeping through the night (which had been an issue for me!) and after three weeks I wasn’t feeling like I needed a nap at 3 pm.  After six weeks I felt leaner and after 12 weeks I had everyone asking me, what are you doing? And commenting, you look amazing! 
I was so excited about the FASTer Way lifestyle and I wanted to share it with everyone!  So I became a certified coach and it has changed my life.  I have always wanted to work outside the home. But I could never find a job that fit into our family life.  I mean, what kind of job allows you to travel with your spouse, stay home with your kids and be your own boss?!  (spoiler alert! the FASTer Way coaching gig does!)
I have felt called to share the FASTer Way coaching opportunity over the past year but I wanted to give myself time to learn everything I could and make sure it wasn’t too good to be true.  So now that I have been a coach for 15 months I feel I can honestly share the business side and opportunities with everyone & it’s amazing!
Last year I set what I thought was a lofty income goal and I easily beat it.  Even through the COVID crisis, I have been able to continue coaching clients. I have gone waaaaaay outside of my comfort zone with social media and LIVE interviews.  But I have grown so much as a person.  Since I started I have became certified as a personal trainer (something I have wanted to do for years but never had the confidence to pursue!), got certified as a Barre Instructor, have worked on the interview team for the FASTer Way AND I am a top 100 coach for the FASTer Way! Now, none of those are necessary to be a successful coach.  But since I have been a FASTer Way coach I cannot get enough of continuing education to help my clients even more.
This summer I paid for my families recent vacation to Seaside, FL with MY income!  This is something I have NEVER been able to do and I can’t tell you how meaningful that was for me! I gotta say, I was pretty dang proud of myself. 
So, why do I share all of this with you?  I just know how it feels to want more, but not feel you have the opportunity.  I know what it feels like to be on the sidelines but wishing I was on the court!
When the FASTer Way announced their latest coaching recruitment, I felt called to encourage others to pursue it.  If you have been through the FASTer Way and loved it and you have a stirring in your heart to lead others through this amazing program, NOW is the time act!  
The FASTer Way to Fat Loss community is hosting a LIVE information Event on Monday, July 20th, and YOU are absolutely invited.  Just listen and absorb what the FASTer Way creator Amanda Tress and other coaches have to say on July 20th and decide for yourself if you want to continue with the interview process.  No pressure!  
Here is the link to the waiting list for the live event:  https://coach.fasterwaytofatloss.com/registration
If you have ANY questions at all, I would be happy to jump on a call with you and tell you more about becoming a FASTer Way coach.  Whether you are just looking to add another stream of revenue to your family, make this your side hustle or make this a full-time career & I would be happy to help you!