Food Freedom is simple! Let me show you!

​Less than one week before the July 6th FASTer Way to Fat Loss round kicks off!

When you go on vacation do you completely lose track of your fitness and nutrition goals?  Do you feel like you have an all or nothing approach when it comes to wellness?  
I totally get it, that was exactly what I did before the FASTer Way.  I deprived myself of carbs and worked out like a crazy person… when I would go on vacation I would go completely the other way only to get home from vacation feeling super guilty and I had to start from scratch.
So what changed?
Well, I realized that sustainable, long term fat loss wasn’t about deprivation or quick fixes. The all or nothing attitude had to stop I started learning about micronutrients and lack thereof I was getting. I realized I could still have fun on vacation while not derailing my progress.
So vacation for me now looks like this:
​1.) Continuing to exercise and move my body in fun ways.  Bike riding, walking, kayaking, taking a new fitness class, etc.  I take my exercise bands and TRX system with me since they take up very little space and do some FASTer Way on-demand workouts, too!
2.) Intermittent Fasting… yes, it’s super easy to do most days on vacation! I sleep better and it seems to help with my digestive tract, too.  TMI.. but traveling can really mess that up!

3.) WATER WATER WATER… I start my day with water and try to carry my Yeti full of water around throughout the day. 

​4.) Whole Food Nutrition 80% of the time.  I make the best choices I can by choosing foods in their most natural state.  However, I will absolutely indulge guilt-free if the family goes for pizza! 😉

5.) Alcohol… oh, this is a tough one! I definitely drink more alcohol than normal while on a vacation.  So I pick alcohol that does not have high-calorie mixers.  I choose rosé, dry red wine, or clear liquor with a calorie-free mixer.  I try to not indulge too late at night so my sleep is not affected and keeps hydrated with water. 

6.) I have found that while traveling in the car, a little prep goes a long way! Instead of stopping at too many fast-food restaurants, I pack Boars Head Deli Sandwiches, apples, grapes, etc.  Not only does this cut down on travel times, but we don’t feel terrible upon arrival! 

7.) If I am going to stop at a fast-food joint, I try to pick Chipotle or something similar.  The burrito bowl is about as macro-friendly as they come! You can even order ahead on their app so it’s ready when you arrive.

8.) When in doubt at a restaurant, start with a lean protein.  We tend to under consume protein when we are traveling, so make that the star of your plate.  This is super easy if you are on a beach vacation with all of the seafood selections! (not fried though!)

When I got home from my beach vacation this past weekend, I was pleased that I had maintained my fitness level.  The extra macros I consumed did not change the shape of my body and I have the best memories from our trip.  I don’t feel the need to deprive myself now that I’m home… I’ll just pick right back up with the rest of the FASTer Way lifestyle feeling happy with myself.
If you would like to learn more about food freedom or have a friend that might be interested, my next round of the FASTer Way begins Monday, July 6!  Register below:
P.S. For those of you getting ready to travel this summer, we found it super easy to social distance in Florida! We rented a house in Seaside.  We ate outside at restaurants and ordered take out.  There was plenty of room on the beach, too.  We wore masks in the shops and grocery stores.  Have fun and stay safe! 

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