Intermediate Step Ladder Workout

Spice up your workout routine with this medium-intensity step ladder workout. Push through to the end, I believe in you!
Superset 1 (x3) Complete back to back
30 total: Toe taps
12 each leg: Front foot elevated static lunges

Superset 2 (x3) Complete back to back
12 reps: Decline pushups
12 each side: Offset squats

Superset 3 (x3) Complete back to back
15 reps: Tricep Dips (modify with knees bent)
12 each leg: Bulgarian Split Squats

Superset 2 (x3) Complete back to back
Hold 30 sec each side: Side plank (Option: leg lifted)
15 reps: Assisted Jump squats

As always, consult a physician before starting any new exercise regime and always follow your physician’s advice.

You got this!


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