At Home Beginner Workout

All you need is a broom for this quarantine-safe workout! Try it outside and get some fresh air.

10-25 leg swings on each leg

Complete 3 rounds of the following exercises!
1) 10-15 reps of Good Morning
2) 10 on each leg: Reverse lunch with reach (option: add a knee lift)
3) 15 reps: Squat with overhead press
4) 10 on each leg: Forward lunge with a twist
5) 15 on each side: Standing oblique crunch (Option: balance on one foot)
6) 30 total (15 on each side): KayakAbs (Option: Legs Straight)
7) 20 reps total: Crunch with an extension (Modify: toe-tap instead of the straight leg)

You got this!


**Always seek advice from a physician before starting any new exercise regime.

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