Workout of the week: Resistance Bands

If you have a resistance band with handles at home and don’t quite know what to do with it… try some of these moves out!  Target areas: •Legs •Glutes •Core The workout:​-Lunge with bicep raise -Squat with standing oblique crunch -Lat pulldown -Leg lifts and kickbacks -Leg lifts over and back –Around the world -ShoulderContinue reading “Workout of the week: Resistance Bands”

Jill’s Nut Butter Protein Balls

​Are you looking for a great, whole food snack for you and the family that you don’t have to feel guilty about? These nut butter protein balls are filled with energy and I can guarantee you’ll have an empty plate by the end of the day. Dig into your pantry because your ingredients don’t haveContinue reading “Jill’s Nut Butter Protein Balls”

Intermediate Step Ladder Workout

​Spice up your workout routine with this medium-intensity step ladder workout. Push through to the end, I believe in you! Superset 1 (x3) Complete back to back30 total: Toe taps12 each leg: Front foot elevated static lunges Superset 2 (x3) Complete back to back12 reps: Decline pushups12 each side: Offset squats Superset 3 (x3) Complete backContinue reading “Intermediate Step Ladder Workout”