Stability Ball Workout

The stability ball is such a fantastic piece of equipment to add to your home gym. It’s a piece of equipment that is found in nearly all big gyms and even many smaller or hotel gyms. It’s lightweight and comes in many sizes.
The stability ball (or also known as Swiss ball) was popularized by Swiss physical therapist Dr. Susanne Klein-Vogleback. She used this training for adults with various orthopedic problems. Stability balls are primarily used to work the core by increasing demand for stability in an exercise. It’s also a great tool to reinforce proper posture.

Pretty much any exercise that is performed on a bench can be performed on a stability ball! Anything from a bench press on your back, to a seated military press, to a prone cobra on the ball can be done. It creates an unstable base that forces you to constantly be adjusting your position.

Here is a total body stability ball workout that is heavy on core work! It’s low impact and should not be rushed.

There are seven exercises in total. Aim for 10-15 reps of each exercise and repeat the circuit for a total of three rounds.

  • Overhead Pull with a dumbbell
  • Knee Tucks
  • Prone Cobra
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Birddogs
  • Hands-to-Feet
  • Decline Push-up
As always, consult a physician before starting any new exercise regime and always follow your physician’s advice.

*The stability ball can be dangerous if you do not have good balance or control.
Always follow all of the safety guidelines.

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