When the temperatures plunge, does your motivation to stay fit take a nose dive, too?

When the temperatures plunge, does your motivation to stay fit take a nose dive, too? It’s not uncommon & after all, it’s so dark and cold outside, the thought of getting out and going to the gym sounds terrible, I get it! But here’s the deal. The winter months are the perfect time to make the most of your workouts and dial in your nutrition. This is because the winter tends to be more “routine”. You can string together weeks of real work towards your fitness goals because there are fewer distractions. (Hello summer and all the pool/lake days, baseball games, cookouts!) Use this to your advantage and really take the opportunity to be purposeful with your time and get your workouts in.
Here are my top ten favorite ways to stay motivated and healthy through the cold weather months.

  1. Plan a trip! There is nothing like having a beach vacation to help motivate you to stay on course with your nutrition and exercise. 
  2. Ask for new gym clothes for Christmas! Or order yourself some on Black Friday! 😉 Here are some of my favorite leggings and workout tops.
  3. Make a new playlist for your workouts! Music elevates your mood, helps you keep a good pace and really gets you in the zone. 
  4. Find a podcast to listen to while you are on a treadmill or elliptical.  I have found myself LOVING podcasts and it makes my cardio sessions go by so fast.  These are free and can be easily accessed on your smartphone. Find some topics that interest you and start there.  You will be hooked!
  5. Try a new group fitness class.  Yoga, boot camps, spinning, etc. There is something for everyone in the group fitness world.  The best part about taking a group fitness class is that you do not have to think or plan anything! Think of it as personal training without the high costs!
  6. Work out with a friend.  The buddy system works! You might be tempted to sleep in if you are going to the gym by yourself, but if you know your friend is there waiting for you; you will get up!
  7. Play an indoor sport you like! Join an adult basketball or pickleball league.  Take an adult tap dancing class. The point is to get moving, get a sweat going and have FUN.
  8. SCHEDULE this workout time in your calendar.  Block this time off as non-negotiable.
  9. Start making alcohol a “treat” and not just part of your normal nightly routine.  You will sleep better and therefore get up for those workouts! Plus you will lose belly fat from cutting down on the alcohol. 
  10. Join my next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss!  If you want to learn cutting edge nutrition and fitness strategies to lose fat (and not gain it right back) I have the perfect 6 week program for you!

My Favorite Leggings (By Price)

My Favorite Tops (By Price)

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