Total Body Bench Circuit

Here’s a quick circuit on the bench for ya! All you need is a heavy plate (could also use a Barbell, Dumbbell or Med ball instead of the plate.) Try to do 3-4 sets.
Decline Pushups: if you are more advanced, give these a try! To modify, just switch it around to an incline push-up by placing your hands on the bench and feet on the floor.

Hip Thrusters: use a plate or other form of heavyweight. Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and the backs of your shoulders on the edge of the bench. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the thruster.

Hopovers: firmly grip the bench and place your weight in your hands, trust yourself and hop over the bench! 😉 Start at one end of the bench if you are unsure you can clear the bench. Land lightly and spring immediately back over.

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